What is Aikido?

Our techniques employ four qualities that reflect the nature of the world. Depending on the circumstance you should be: hard as a diamond, flexible as a willow, smooth flowing like water or as empty as space. (O Sensei)

Aikido is considered to be a ‘soft’ martial art, but even so it is extremely effective. It needs no strength so it is an excellent art for a large range of people. It is taught in such a way that you can learn at your own pace, so anyone can come along and join in with experience students safely, as no fights or sparring are allowed. This is where many people misunderstand the true nature of Aikido. The aim is to harness the attacker’s power, strength and momentum and use it against them by means of natural circular and evasive movements. If you are interested in learning a form of self defense, want to become fitter and enjoy yourself in the process, then Aikido could be for you.

You don’t have to be aggressive or physically strong to study Aikido. It will improve your mental attitude and outlook on life, if you want it to. Most people would like to have some idea of how to defend themselves to some degree and it is very sad to say that nowadays this need is becoming greater. Aikido is not a ‘men only’ activity; women of all ages are very welcome. Women have expressed the fear that because there are many male students they are put off. There is no need to be.  Here at Wa Go Kan dojo, Manchester, we have a large proportion of female members and instructors.

So if you are still interested please come along and join in. Of course you are welcome to watch us practice at any time. We simply say that to join in is much better, but only if you want to. If you do just bring along a tracksuit bottom and loose fitting top or a karate/judo suit, if you own one.

If you do decide to come along you only pay for each practice on a weekly basis. If you decide to take it up (most people usually know after 3-4 weeks) then we ask you to join the BAF. This means that you can then take gradings, which are held, at regular intervals and you will have insurance cover included in your membership. There are discounts for students, children and young people under 18 and those who are unemployed.