Chiba Kazuo shihan Passed away

On 5th June 2015, Chiba sensei, the former head instructor of the Aikikai of Great Britain as the British Aikido Federation was formerly known, passed away.  He was 75 years old and had been suffering from cancer.

Chiba sensei was mine and Rob’s first senior instructor when we started aikido in 1973 after he had been sent to the UK by O Sensei in 1966 to consolidate aikido in this country.  I first met him in October 1973 at a course in London and he was the reason I wanted to practise aikido and the reason why I still do to this very day.

Chiba sensei left the UK and returned to Japan in 1977 and from there he settled in San Deigo where he remained until his death.

There are very few people left in the BAF who would have trained with Chiba sensei; I can assure you it was an experience!! Please watch this YouTube clip and try to understand how much he dedicated his life to our art and try to understand what he put into it and wanted others to do the same.  RIP.