Hakama suppliers

On a recent trip to Tokyo, I had the pleasure of meeting an Englishman called Mike Williamson, who has lived over there for many years and is married to a Japanese lady, Keiko Yakawa san.  Yakawa san is the sister of a man I have trained with for many years in Japan; initially at Mr Inakoshi’s dojo and now at Hombu dojo.


Yakawa san was taught how to make hakama by a master of the trade, Shirakawa Hideo san and as Hideo san was about to retire, she took over the running of the business.  The company became Atelier Katsura and a link to the website can be found on our “Links” page.


I can testify to the high quality of the products made by this company and if you are considering buying a new hakama, please have a look at this website and I am sure you will be pleased.  If you do place an order, please ensure that you tell the company that you found their website via and from my introduction to them.