Grading Tests

Congratulations to all who took grading tests with Steve Parr sensei on Sunday 22 April 2018.


The successful senior candidates were;

Eloi Perez Aguilar – 3rd kyu

Patrycja Oprawko – 4th kyu

Oleg Bocharov – 5th kyu

Jimmy Gedroge – 6th kyu

Junior candidates;

Zoe Dunn (Macclesfield dojo) – 1st kyu

Jess De Sousa (Macclesfield dojo) – 1st kyu

Hannah Sherratt – 2nd kyu + 1 brown stripe

Daniel Gomez – 3rd kyu

John Gomez – 3rd kyu

Zuzanna Kosalka – 2 orange stripes

Gabriel Tobias – 2 orange stripes

Miguel Tobias – 2 orange stripes

Summer Sherratt – 2 orange stripes

Campbell Platt – 2 orange stripes

Max Gedroge-Whelan – 6th kyu

Well done everybody who took part.  You all passed and moved up levels.  Keep working hard and you will progress!!