Welcome to Manchester Aikido

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Welcome to the Manchester (Wa Go Kan Dojo) Aikido Club Website.
For Aikido in Manchester … Use the navigation links to investigate the site. We hope you find it useful.

If you are new or old to Aikido please come down and watch or even better join in. Everyone is happy to answer any question you may have.

We have recently discovered a new company that supply custom made hakama.  Please see “News Page” for further information.

“If you understand the principles of Aikido, you will be glad to be alive and you will greet each day with great joy”

(O Sensei)


 Our classes since restrictions were lifted on Wednesday 21 July 2021 having been going extremely well, thank you to all.  Should you wish to continue to wear a face covering, that’s absolutely fine and there will be plenty of hand sanitiser available for you.


Please see “News” page for details of closure over the Christmas and New Year period.